19 05 2009

Way back on May 4th the Post reported that maybe, just maybe,Mei Xiang is pregnant again. Actually, if you read the article they don’t real say much at all. But let’s pretend. Here are some photo’s of Butter Stick I to get you in the mood for his inevitable sequel.

Aug30lyingdownButter Stick - playing


Blade Runner (Arlington Edition)

19 05 2009

Here it is – proof that life imitates art, or something. If you’re a fan of “Blade Runner”, or if your spouse made you watch it b/c it’s her/his favorite movie – well this shot may look familiar to you. Walking home from lunch today this odd scene presented itself. I stopped dead in my tracks(which was wise, the light was green) – and thought it was a bit odd that a tiny pink statue of a dog, or a seal?, was sitting on top of that ugly metal box by the side of the road.  Then I realized this was straight out of the final scene of blade runner -if only the unicorn was an ugly pink dog/seal thing. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Blade Runner-esque pink dog

Blade Runner-esque pink dog

Back with a vengence!

19 05 2009

Churches are sometimes amusing places. Case in point.

Get Out Of Jail Free!

Get Out Of Jail Free!

Well, I was amused anyway. Without getting too meta here lets just appreciate the immediate absurdity of the witty church sign. I love it – made me laugh out loud. Naturally I immediately thought that perhaps this was the famous “undisclosed location”. What say you?

As for the wavy-ness – I was walking to work and tried to snap the photo before the walk sign changed, so not exacty a steady shot. Neat effect though.

Locked Out!

17 03 2009
Locked Out!

Locked Out!

There are several things wrong with this photo.

First, it was taken with my IPhone, so it’s rather pixelated. Nothing can be done about this. Sad but true.

Second, there is a locksmith company called “Lock Technology” – this is wrong. Appending the word “Technology” onto your company’s name does not make it sexy. It usually just makes you look silly. Surely we all learned this in the 90’s, and if not, then shortly thereafter. This makes me cringe.

Finally, there are two men, wearing “Lock Technology” jumpsuits(see point 1 as to why you can’t see this), picking the lock on their own van. This is downright hilarious.

— Jonathan

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

10 03 2009

blinkyYum!  The crisp refreshing water of the Potomac River is in the news today.  Thirsty?  If you’re not yet, you sure will be when you finish reading this!  So grab a tall cold glass of tap water, sit back and give this post a read.

According to an AP article in the Wash Post, for ten hours beginning Sunday night and ending Monday morning, 4,000 gallons of fly ash sludge from a coal-burning power plant, which supplies electricity to a nearby paper mill, poured out of a dime-sized hole in a pipeline and into the Potomac.

“But what is fly ash?” you may be asking.  “It sounds delicious!”

According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, fly ash is a type of residue that is created when coal is burned.  Some of the more exciting chemical components of fly ash include: arsenic (yum!), mercury (delish!), lead (mmm… good!), and chromium VI (waaaay better than chromiums I-V!).

“But those components are all natural,” you may be saying.  “Doesn’t that mean they are good for me?”

Glad you asked.  Do you enjoy lung problems, such as silicosis?  Because that is a risk from inhaling all-natural fly ash.

Don’t worry, though.  It turns our that spilling all that fly ash into the water didn’t affect the operation of the mill.  Phew!

Hugs & Kisses,

DC Avenger

From the “DC Avenger” Archives…

9 03 2009


March 16, 1958 — WASHINGTON, DC.  At an historic press conference from the White House lawn, President Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower announced today that he is actually a nonterrestrial “space-man” from a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. Stating that the intentions of his alien race are benign, the President has presented the American people with a book entitled “To Serve Man.”  Although the text of the book is written in an unintelligible alien language, some of the greatest minds in science today offered their own announcement that they would immediately begin work upon a translation program.  Before disappearing into a shimmering “worm-hole,” President Eisenhower stated that massive ships, capable of holding tens of thousands of humans each, would be arriving in the next 50 to 55 years, and would begin transporting hundreds of thousands of humans to an intergalactic paradise.

NOTE: November 2007 — Due to budget cuts to the science program by the Bush administration, the translation program has been discontinued.  A statement from the administration reads, “We look forward to the arrival of these transport ships by our extraterrestrial friends.  Having looked into their [three] eyes and seeing their souls, the President has concluded that their intentions are no doubt pure and we should trust our intergalactic friends with all our hearts.”

Unsolved Dupont Murder Mystery Enters Second Year

9 03 2009

Violent crime in DC is not unexpected by any stretch of the imagination.  It is a trade-off many residents make in exchange for living in close proximity to the kinds of amenities that only cities can offer.  While murder is always senseless, we can generally assign a reason why it happened (robbery, gang-related, revenge, etc.) and who likely committed it, whether or not the murder is actually solved.  When we cannot assign such a reason, that is when a real-life murder mystery is born.

Enter the case of Robert E. Wone, a lawyer from Oakton, VA, who was murdered in a row house at 15th and Swann Streets NW (not far from where DC Avenger lives) two and a half years ago, in August 2006.  His three friends who owned the house claimed that an intruder broke in and stabbed Mr. Wone while slept, killing him.

Upon first hearing, this sounds more or less like a familiar sad story of crime in the city.  However, the story told by the three roommates had many inconsistencies and did not hold up upon closer examination as the police discovered that the men had tampered with the crime scene, and the three men have emerged as the main suspects.

While the case slowly (VERY slowly) crawls forward, four DC men are doing their best to keep the investigation alive.  Recently featured in an article in the Metro Weekly, the men, Craig Brownstein, Michael Kremin, David Greer and Douglas Johnson, run a blog dedicated to investigating the case, examining the evidence, and keeping the public spotlight shining on the investigation.  The Who Murdered Robert Wone blog breaks down the case, examines the evidence and the legal documents, explores the lives of Mr. Wone and the three men believed to have murdered him, and ultimately hopes to find justice for Robert Wone.

Thank you to Craig Brownstein for sending me information about the blog and the Metro Weekly article. –DCA